Our story: Evolving for you and our industry.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with the real estate industry – the service, the strategies, the results, the ethics – you’re not alone. It was these frustrations that inspired Peter Clements and Brad Glover to create a more flexible, accountable and sustainable solution. It inspired Mint.

The truth about real estate
There are lots of great real estate firms out there. Mint founders Peter Clements and Brad Glover count themselves lucky to have worked with a number of them, where they learnt about the importance of professional training and the power of effective project management teams.

However, for Peter and Brad there was always a compromise; there was a sense that real estate needed to move on, for buyers and sellers, but also for agents. That’s why they created Mint and a different kind of real estate philosophy – a philosophy driven by directly accountable business owner-operators committed to continually learning, evolving and doing the right thing.

The right way to achieve the right results
Over their many years operating in the top 1% of agents in their home state of Western Australia, Peter and Brad have developed a proven real estate strategy. But Mint is more than that. It’s a business model with experienced, licensed agents at its heart.

With Mint, you’ll only ever deal directly with licensed real estate agents or their highly experienced project management teams. This is unusual in the real estate industry. And it’s all the more unusual because the licensed agents you deal with are also business owner-operators.

More accountable and flexible
This owner-operator model brings a new level of accountability and flexibility to the real estate mix. By only inviting licensed agents with extensive experience to join Mint, the model ensures the highest quality service, delivered by professionals who share Brad and Peter’s values.

It means everyone at Mint has Brad and Peter’s love of real estate; their love of learning, developing and negotiating; and their love of helping sellers and buyers move on to the next stage of their lives.

A better experience and result for you
The Mint philosophy delivers a more tailored and, therefore, a more effective service. By delivering the best result and negotiating the best price, we provide the best value for money.

Find out more about our approach and philosophy and learn about how Peter and Brad’s experience inspired Mint. Better still, contact us and discover how our unique approach will work for you.